Snapback cap maintenance tips

- May 06, 2019-

The snapback cap has now become a lot of people, used to decorate and dress up part of themselves. The snapback cap is a common item in life that you may not know. The snapback cap is also in need of maintenance, especially the good snapback cap. The correct maintenance can make the snapback cap help you to exude charm and brilliance.

Snapback cap maintenance tips:

1. Never wear a cap in the rain. Moisture will damage the material and damage the cap shape. Do not let the snapback cap come into contact with oily substances.

2. Prepare a hard case for the preservation of the snapback cap. Place the desiccant in the box. Before loading the snapback cap, fix the cap with some filler and make sure the snapback cap is dry and clean.

3, after the snapback cap is taken off, do not just put it in a random manner, it should be hung on the coat rack, or on the clothes hook, do not press heavy objects on it, so as to avoid deformation.

4, the snapback cap wear for a long time, the inside and outside of the snapback cap will be stained with dirt and dirt, and should be washed off in time. The cap liner can be removed and washed, and then stretched to prevent the sweat on the cap liner from getting wet and mildew, which affects the life of the snapback cap. The ash on the snapback cap should be brushed frequently, and the sludge and grease adhering to the cap surface can be gently scrubbed with a soft brush and rubbed with hot soapy water, and then washed with water. When scrubbing the snapback cap, you can find a round can or porcelain pot of the same size as the snapback cap, and then wear the snapback cap on it to avoid aliasing.