Analysis On The Authentic Identification Method Of Baseball Cap

- Jun 02, 2019-

As we all know, hats are a must-have decoration for fashionable men and women. Baseball caps have always been beautiful and said that GGMMs like it, whether it is funny animal patterns, traditional styles, or the most popular cuffing hats nowadays, can easily create a fashionable, playful rush. So, how to identify the baseball cap genuine?

1, identify must see one: logo and other embroidery work

If the hat has a three-dimensional pattern, it is relatively better to observe. The hat making process of the original baseball cap is as high as 22, and the embroidery process is very delicate, and each stitch is very durable.

2, distinguishing than watching two: look at the hat type (the overall outline of the hat)

The cap of the baseball cap as a whole, the two ends will be a little tilted, the middle will be a little convergent, the hat profile conforms to the head shape and aesthetics of people all over the world.

3, to distinguish must see four: observe the sweat band

The sweat band inside the genuine baseball cap is made of special materials, with waterproof technology and moisture-proof waterproof. Try it and you will find that the sweatband structure is very tough.

4, to distinguish must see five: see the needle belt

Flip the baseball cap and observe the inner needle strip on the reverse side. You can use the ruler to measure the amount. Each needle strip is actually manufactured in strict accordance with the standard. The distance between the two lanes must be 1cm apart.