Baseball Cap With Knowledge

- May 26, 2019-

The baseball cap is definitely a must-have for men and women's hoods, and because of the easy-to-match nature of baseball caps, men will never buy a lot of baseball caps for their wardrobes. . How do you match a baseball cap?

1. Choose the appropriate baseball cap style according to your body.

There are thousands of styles of baseball caps, but not every one is suitable for you. If you are a relatively small person, advise you not to have a large bandwidth, a long hat, which will make you look shorter and still not self-reliant; if you are slim, then it is best to choose a long baseball cap.

2, do not choose a big red and green baseball cap.

Some baseball caps are more exaggerated, and the layouts are Korean, HipHop, etc. If you have graduated from high school, it is recommended that you move closer to quality rather than making a fuss about your unruly personality. When choosing a baseball cap, pay attention to the details of the partial pattern, embroidering, and printing. The pattern does not need to be large, but has a sense of texture and design, so that in the interpersonal communication, it will give people a sense of glamour.