Hat Maintenance Tips

- Oct 30, 2019-

Hats have now become part of the way many people decorate and adorn themselves.Hats are such a common item in life that you may not know it.Hat is also need to maintain, especially a good hat, the correct maintenance to make the hat to help you better hair charm and luster.

Hat maintenance tips:

1, never wear a hat in the rain, moisture will break the material, damage the hat shape, also do not let the hat contact with oily substances.

2. Prepare a hard box for hat preservation. Put desiccant in the box.

3, after the hat off, do not casually put, should be hung on the coat rack, or coat hook, above do not press heavy objects, lest out of shape deformation.

4, hat wear for a long time, the inside and outside of the hat will be stained with oil, dirt, to wash away in time.Hat lining can be removed and washed, and then stretched on, so as not to hat lining on the sweat stain damp mildew, affect the life of the hat.The ash on cap should often brush, adherent the sludge on cap face, oily dirt, usable soft brush dips in hot soapy water to brush gently, reoccupy clear water is washed.When washing cap, can look for the round pot that is the same size as cap or porcelain basin, wear cap above again line is washed, lest be out of shape.

5, hat collection, brush to dust, wash away dirt, bask in the sun for a while (remember not to explode bask in), and then wrapped in paper, put in the hat box, stored in a ventilated, dry place, at the same time in the storage box placed desiccant, to prevent moisture.

6, the cap cleaning is more special, can not be soaked (such as feathers, sequins, or lined paper hat, etc.), if the hat is made of cotton can be washed, the hat is a paper pad if you can only rub can not wash, the most taboo use washing machine.