Hat Matching Skills

- Oct 29, 2020-

The matching of hat and face, the matching skills of hat and body shape, skin color, hairstyle and clothing.

1. Matching skills of hats and face shapes: people with melon seeds are suitable for wearing various hats, but the depth of the hat shape should be moderate, and it is better to show about 1/3 of the face shape; for people with square faces, the hat shape should be proportionally high Some, the face should be exposed 3/4, suitable for octagonal hats, cowboy hats, curling hats, top hats, etc.; for people with round faces, the hat should be designed in a square, pointed or polygonal shape, suitable for berets, peaked hats, Military hats, knight hats, etc.; for long-faced people, the hat should not be too high, otherwise it will make the face look longer. It is better to expose 2/3 of the face, which is suitable for bucket hats, etc.

2. The matching skills of hat and body shape: Human body is divided into tall and short. When choosing a hat for tall people, it should be big rather than small, otherwise it will give people a top-heavy feeling. Tall people shouldn't wear tall hats, and short people shouldn't wear flat-top wide-brimmed hats.

3. Matching skills of hat and skin color: People with ruddy skin can coordinate with many colors, but don't wear hats that are too red; people with yellow skin are suitable to wear dark brown, beige and other color hats, and yellow and green hats are not suitable; When dark-skinned people choose brightly colored hats, they should pay attention to the overall effect of dressing, and match the hat effect according to the clothing; people with white skin have more colors for hats, but because the skin is too white, it is easy to give people a sense of weakness. Therefore, when choosing the color of the hat, avoid choosing white or similar colors.

4. Hats and clothing matching skills: wearing hats of the same color as the clothing or similar to the main color can give people a sense of freshness and elegance; wearing a hat that contrasts with the color of the clothing makes people feel lively and vigorous; when wearing printed clothes It is best to wear a darker hat; wear a blue or red hat when wearing red or blue clothing; wear a suit, windbreaker, or woolen coat to match the top hat or woolen hat; wear sportswear and wear a baseball cap,A hat or an empty top hat can make you glamorous.