How Can You Wash A Baseball Cap And Not Shrink It

- Oct 30, 2019-

People usually wear hats when they go out, but sometimes hats are definitely dirty.Everyone is sure to find a way to wash the hat, in the past to buy the baseball cap is with the brush dipped in detergent to wash, wash dry found shrinkage can not take.Especially depressed!Recently bought a new, always perspire cap already had flavor to must want to wash, with what method to clean baseball cap ability to be unlikely to shrink become smaller excuse me?Regular hand wash, the average hat won't shrink.Wash with cold or warm water at about 30 degrees.Don't wash your hat in too hot water so that it won't shrink.I sell hats, too.It is better to wash your hat with soap, not washing powder.

Here is the correct way to wash a special hat:

1, wool cap do not need to clean, clean every time, but easy to reduce short life, if you have to clean not to the extent that dry cleaning is the most appropriate way.Leather cap usable onion slice is wiped clean, also can cloth dips in take gasoline smooth hair to wipe, can achieve good catharsis result.

2, wool hat, do not wash, because the wool will shrink.If the hat is covered in dust or pet hair, use wide-face tape, which is folded over your fingers to remove dust.

3, microfiber dry hair cap after washing the best to fill the hat with crumpled paper and cloth, and then cool dry.

4, fine felt hat stain can be mixed with ammonia water and equal amount of alcohol scrub.Dip a piece of silk in the mixture and scrub.Don't get your hat too wet, or it will get out of shape.