How To Buy A Baseball Cap According To The Style Of The Brim

- Aug 23, 2019-

Baseball cap is a very popular hat, many friends who like to dress up want to have one for decoration. Let's share with you how to choose a baseball cap.

The shape of the brim will greatly affect the hat shape of the caps. The brim of a hat usually has two types: flat brim with no curve at all and curved brim. The feeling of wearing a hat varies greatly depending on the curvature of the brim. So when choosing a hat, be sure to choose the curve of good brim.

Curved brim

A hat with a curved brim is called baseball cap. The baseball cap is versatile and fits all styles. If you don't know what kind of cap to choose, you can choose it.

Flat brim

A hat with a flat brim is called snapback cap. Snapback cap slant street casual style, many dancers and hip-hop friends like snapback cap. It is very cool.

Long and short brim cap

In addition to the difference of flat curved brim, there is also the design of length and length.

Short brim makes people look lively and energetic. The long brim feels deep and cool.

Choose the caps that suits your style according to the style of the brim . Have you mastered it?