How To Choose A Suitable Hat For Children

- Oct 21, 2020-

A good hat can not only keep the baby out of the cold and prevent the baby from getting sick from cold, but also make the baby look more lovely.There are all kinds of cute baby hats on the market now, which are dazzling to see. How should mothers choose a hat suitable for their babies?


First, mothers should be careful not to wear other people's hats to the baby, some skin infections such as head lice and tinea capitis can be transmitted through the hat.


Second, some of the baby scalp grease secretion is too prosperous, hair often shine out of oil, should choose good permeability of the hat, and often wash the hat, keep clean.

Third, the hat appropriate of baby chooses soft, deft, the material with good sex of keeping warm and the hat that make, should loose, thickness suits.A tight cap can affect the development of the skull and hinder blood circulation to the scalp.The size of the hat is better than the baby head 1-2 cm.


Fourth, easy to catch cold baby, can wear cotton or wool material such as the cap;The baby that easy skin allergy, cannot give him the hat that chooses chemical fiber kind material to make.


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