Knowledge, Culture And Common Sense About Hats

- Nov 04, 2020-

Knowledge, culture and common sense about hats

    First of all, we must choose the right hat according to the face shape. According to the design of the hat, wearing a dome hat on a round face makes a big face and a small hat. Such as wearing a wide cap will be more appropriate. A sharp-faced person wears a peaked cap, which makes his face look bigger and thinner. Therefore, it is more appropriate to wear a dome hat. It is more appropriate for people with Chinese face to wear all hats.

    The second is to choose a hat according to your body. A person of height should wear a large hat rather than a small one, otherwise it will give people a feeling of heavy head and feet. The opposite is true for short people. Tall women can't wear tall hats, otherwise they will feel tall and long. A short lady cannot wear a flat top and wide brim hat, she will appear shorter. Wearing a hat is the same as wearing clothes. Try to use your strengths and avoid weaknesses as much as possible.

    The color of the hat must match the clothes, scarves, gloves and shoes. Ladies with glasses, don't wear hats with complicated floral ornaments, and don't cover your forehead with the hat. The hat should be taller, so that you can show your chic and elegant temperament.

    The size of men's hat is the number of centimeters of the designated head circumference, so it is very convenient to buy. However, considering that some hats will shrink after washing, they should be slightly larger when buying.

    Generally, adult men's hats are 55-56, children's hats are 50-55, and baby hats are 42-46. There are only three types of women's hats, sun hats and sports hats. Knitted hats do not differ in size, they can be stretched and stretched, and some are calculated by weight.