Origin Of Baseball Caps In China

- Oct 21, 2020-

In China is the first baseball cap and baseball was introduced into China, together with the baseball cap and baseball to figure in China is the great Chinese engineer zhan tianyou, when he was studying in Yale university (1877-1881), the influence of American baseball player, spontaneously organized a Chinese baseball team, begin from this time baseball players in the Chinese popular, as in the United States, leave a day later returned overseas Chinese, has brought the culture of a baseball and a baseball cap back to China, in Beijing in 1895 founded analyses college baseball team.

In 1907, Beijing huiwen academy played the first baseball game in China against tongzhou union.Since 1913, the far east games, initiated by China, Japan and the Philippines, have seen baseball games every year, and China has sent teams to participate in them for many times.During the war of resistance against Japan, the eighth route army in northern shaanxi, jin-cha-ji and other anti-japanese base areas had launched baseball.However, at present, baseball is only a rare sport, and the players do not all have baseball caps. In addition, due to the limited conditions, baseball culture at that time was popular and high, and baseball caps were not recognized by people.

Chinese baseball and softball association was founded in 1979, the provincial, city also set up a branch, then begin to baseball cap and baseball culture began to really popular, and the baseball player is also the time to truly take all the symbol of the baseball baseball cap, then with the development and popularity of the baseball culture, baseball caps and as more and more deeply into the lives of Chinese people, everyone has the right to take a baseball cap, ordinary people also to bring the baseball caps, baseball caps are made into different styles.