Pick A Baseball Cap That Suits You.

- May 27, 2019-

In the noisy environment of the city, I feel pressure. When I am upset, I bring my favorite club. It is a pleasure to ask a few friends to go to the green golf course. After carefully selecting what to wear, is it starting to worry about what kind of baseball cap?

From the convenience point of view, it is possible to use a style with only a hat and a elastic band at the back. A baseball cap and other casual hats are also very popular. Although the autumn sun is not as strong as in summer, the intensity of ultraviolet rays is still very high, especially on golf courses, sometimes without the feeling of being too sun-dried, but when the ball goes down, the face can be obviously blackened. With a cool sunglasses, not only can it be better sunscreen, but it is also very popular.

Fashionista will never ignore any accessories, and the color of the hat and clothes can best reflect the fashion taste. In addition, when choosing a hat, you should consider the face shape, and the face type is too big, so don't be so brave enough to choose a short brim. From the top of the hat to the hat, there is a strip decoration, and the style with the split line of sight effect can also be beautiful.

The tightness of the cap is important, and it is best to adjust it tightly. No matter what kind of hat, you can't fall off easily when you look up.