Share How To Store Your Hat

- Oct 21, 2020-

Share how to store your hat

Nowadays more and more people wear hats, hats have become a must-have artifact for fashionistas. So with all these hats, how do you keep them from getting distorted? Now the editor from kaixincap will share some tips with you.


1. Use a round box to store the hat to prevent squeezing deformation. The cake box may be kept. It is a very easy to use, a free hat storage box. Before storing, you can blow the plastic bag or balloon to the appropriate size. tie the bag tightly and put it into the hat, It will set the pattern .Then use the top of the cake box as the bottom, the box body as the top, and the hat is installed.

2. When buying a hat, you can ask the manufacturer if there is a hat pad attached to the package for transportation. The setting effect is better than that of a blown plastic bag.

3. If there is not enough space in the home to accommodate a huge cake box, you can fold the hat and put it in the drawer or on the top of the trunk, or use a sponge strip about 62cm long and 0.5cm thick to form a circle according to the shape of the hat, and sew the sponge strip with needle and thread to shape the cake. Can overlap space of a few caps already so place, be in give receive

4. The work that must be done during season storage is to remove the dirt and control the humidity. First, wipe the dust with a clean dry cloth. After removing the dust, put a newspaper in the hat and put it into the box to prevent deformation and dustproof effect. .