The Relationship Between Baseball Caps And Clothing

- Jun 05, 2019-

From the color point of view, the relationship between the color of the baseball cap and the clothing is extremely important, because the color is first perceived as a shape, and improper matching will destroy the effect of the entire costume. Generally speaking, black, white and gray baseball caps can match any color of clothing. The color of the baseball cap and the color of the costume should be harmonized in the more formal clothing. In the case of sportswear, casual wear, or children's wear, the color of the baseball cap and clothing can be harmonized. If young people do not wear formal work suits, the relationship between baseball caps and clothing can also be a contrasting relationship to show the vivacity of young people. The relationship between the color of baseball caps and the color of clothing is related to fashion trends. If you are in the age of popular bright colors, you can use the contrast between the color of the baseball cap and the clothing regardless of age.

From the perspective of fabrics, baseball caps made of fabrics such as felt can be used in conjunction with coats and suits. Baseball caps made of thin fabrics such as hemp, cotton-colored fabrics, tulle, and mesh fabrics, such as wide-brimmed hats and bell-shaped caps, are better matched with spring and summer casual wear. Baseball caps woven with thick wool are used in conjunction with autumn and winter coats, cotton coats and sweaters. In addition, baseball caps made of fur, felt, etc. are also suitable for matching with warm cotton coats.