Why Is Wearing A Hat Indoors Disrespectful To Others

- Sep 20, 2019-

Taking off your hat indoors is a form of social etiquette and respect for others.

This is from the era of cold weapons to take off the hat, at that time, to fight to wear helmets, helmets are made of iron, very heavy.When a soldier gets to safety, he first takes off his helmet to lighten his heavy burden.In this way, taking off his hat means that there is no hostility. For example, when he goes to his friend's house, he takes off his helmet as a sign of friendship.This custom has been handed down, which is today's hat removal ceremony.

1. In the 1950s, the earliest elevator etiquette rules in the west required men to take off their hats.When raising flags, sweeping tombs and worshipping sacrifices, soldiers should take off their hats, which is a basic politeness and respect in all countries.Formal occasions such as classrooms and meeting places are generally not suitable for wearing hats.

2, because wearing a hat will cover part of the face, in serious occasions, to pay attention to the integrity of the face image, clean, fresh, and should not be because of the hat to cover people have isolation, cover the feeling.We often see in formal meeting occasions, soldiers will uniform uniform uniform on the table in front of the cap, as an example.

3, classroom teaching is serious, generally do not wear a hat, this is also a respect for the teacher's teaching labor.At the same time, it is not polite to wear a hat in other public places, such as the cinema or the opera house.