Wool Hat Material Introduction

- Nov 04, 2020-

Wool Hat Material Introduction: Woolen Hat

Wool hats: cotton material: 100% COTTON

When the cotton thread is burning, there will be a smell of burning paper, the flame is orange, there is blue smoke, the wool does not shrink and does not melt, it can continue to burn away from the fire source, there is a small amount of gray powder, the powder is soft, and the hand is light The fans are the ones you touch.

Wool hat category: wool fiber: 100% WOOL

When approaching the fire source, the wool thread will curl up immediately, slowly dissolve, the flame is orange-yellow, there is a smoke smell of burning hair, the particles are shiny and irregular Xuan-color lumps, loose, brittle and rough, hand-milled immediately .


Wool hat category: polyester fiber: POLYESTER

Close to the flame, it first melts and shrinks, then melts, smokes, and burns slowly; the flame is yellow-white, and continues to burn when leaving the flame, sometimes extinguishing by itself; smell: special aromatic sweetness; residue characteristics: hard black round beads.

Wool hat category: nylon fiber: NYLON

Approaching the flame: melting; touching the flame: melting, smoking; leaving the flame: self-extinguishing; smell: amino smell; residue characteristics: hard light brown transparent round beads.

Wool hat category: Acrylic fiber ACRYLIC

Acrylic fiber: near the flame: melting; contacting the flame: melting and smoking; leaving the flame: continuing to burn and emitting black smoke; smell: pungent; residue characteristics: black irregular beads, fragile.

Wool hats: polypropylene fiber POLYPROPLENE

Polypropylene fiber: near the flame: melting; contacting the flame: melting and burning; leaving the flame: continuing to burn; smell: paraffin smell; residue characteristics: off-white hard transparent round beads.